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Daily Vacation Bible School in Manila 2017

991 2017.05.08 19:22

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Last May 3-6, 2017, Logos Hope Church conducted a Daily Vacation Bible School for 3 days with street children in Manila with the of theme "Clans of Christ" We aim that Jesus Christ must known on their lives even on their younger age while facing dilemmas such as education, family, financial, physical, and spiritual. Through this program we have an edge to evangelize like those children  because its the time to introduce who is Jesus Christ on their lives. 

On the first day we did praise and worship then we taught the steps to students. We have tacled about Jesus vs Satan in Matthew 4:1-11, two of the teachers role play the story T. Jovan as Jesus and T. Carlo as Satan to understand more this topic I preachead it. There were 4 groups divided according on each bracket from ages 4-6 that is Team Yellow with T. Marjorie and T. Diana, ages 7-9 Team Green with T. Princess, T. Famela & T. Jovan, ages, 10-12 Team Pink with T. Joanne, T. Carlo, and ages 13 and above Team Orange with T. Hannah and T. Jolo they did first getting to know each other after that they make yell about their group and presented it. Then the groups gathered again for the next activity which is coloring sheet and cross word and bible verse memorization after that they played game first 2 groups played team yellow and green they water gun each other with garbage bag as their shield and second 2 groups played team pink and orange water gun each other too. on the first and second round team yellow and pink won the game. We sang 2 victory songs and Ptr. Song close the program into closing prayer.

Same way as yesterday but different topic and activities and games and just added a performance from TIA they performed taekwondo. We have tacled about Gideon and I was preached it and after groups are scattered to make have a bible verse memorization and activity about making Gideon torch, after that they played game that is paper dance all groups played it they fold paper until became small and they will stand on it without falling down on the floor and team green won on this game. We sang 2 victory songs and Ptr. Song close the program into closing prayer.


On the third day we have tacled about Israelites vs Amelakites T. Princess preached this with students after that group were scattered for games they played first Gun, Human, Lion, the instructions of this game is each team will decide what they have to choose on this three words with action and sound after discussing and deciding they will do it both group and we will know who's group win depending on what they have choose first 2 groups were team yellow and team green, team yellow won, and second 2 groups were team pink and team orange, team pink won. Team pink performed they dance and team orange sang with rap. We did second game which is Amazing Race there are 4 stations, first is they have to find small balls its hiding along the place after they found they will go to second station they will pop the balloon using their butt and after that they will go to the third station they will kick the small ball without tapping the traffic cone until thge end and fourth station they have to find their flag, in this game we will know who finished earlier. Team Pink won this game. Last game is Bubble fighter, small balloon with water inside will be thrown on their enemies first 2 groups played team yellow and team green, team green won, second round is team pink and orange, team orange won this. After that we sang 3 songs and Ptr. Song prayed for the closing prayer.

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