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Community Service June 25, 2017

779 2017.06.26 19:58

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“Disability would not limit your abilities”

    That is what the Beauty Care class of Grain Foundation for PWD proved when they participated in the Community Service in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City last June 25, 2017. The said Community Service is a project of Barangay Commonwealth led by the Barangay Captain Manuel A. Co.

   “She really got what I want for my nails. It’s not painful when she used her nail pusher. It was so good.” said a resident of Barangay Commonwealth.

    Before they got in there, they gathered first in the Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. building. And then, at around one in the afternoon, they arrived at the barangay hall, prepared and ready to clean up the nails of the different people.

    “I can’t say any bad comments about her work because it was really great.” Said the other resident of Barangay Commonwealth.
    In the Community Service, there are so many people who tried the skills of the students. There are about 160 persons who tried them until they got what they wanted for their nails.

     The students do nail arts for the people who loved to. The first batch knows how to put on nail arts, even the second batch knows how to.

“I really liked how she put on nail arts. It looks nice.” A girl said after being manicured.
   Some people was amazed by the works of the students. It is because even if they are Deaf, they can do what an ordinary person do and they can work for other people without any signs of tiredness.

    “They’re amazing because even if they’re deaf, they can do and learn what an ordinary person can do.” A woman said.

    Before, some are afraid to test the free manicure and pedicure because they are thinking that the students can’t do what they expect. But, when they tried and they are being manicured, they were amazed by the skills of the students.




    The dedication of the students can be seen because before eating the snack that the Barangay had given to them, they all first finished their work. And make the people satisfied first.

  “It was nice looking at them working hard for the people. Doing what the people wanted for their nails.” A man said.

   The students serves as a light for other people and gives inspiration because even if they are deaf, they can do what an ordinary person do.


 “They became better when the days pass. They all followed what I told them. It was nice looking at their works.” said Ms. Dorothy.  

   After the students are done manicuring all of the people, they all cleaned all the mess that the people left. They all helped cleaning.

   All of the students are happy when they all received their certificates from the barangay as a sign of gratitude for their kind work.

   And then, Kagawad Baquirin came to thank all of the students. She was so thankful to the students for participating the Community Service.

    And all of the students rode on the service that the barangay provided for them. All of them got into Grain Foundation for PWD again and go to their homes.
   It is true then, we cannot limit the things that a person can do. Even she/he has disability, they can still do what an ordinary person can do, because in God’s eyes, we are equal. There is no high and low, all are same.


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